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Worldwide Internet Adoption

Latin America is now getting one step ahead of the United States - Uruguay is now the first country to provide a laptop for every one of its elementary school children.  This is a smart move as it ensures that its youth garners the skills necessary to work in the world of today and tomorrow. 

With the advent of smartphones, I wonder what percent of total internet traffic will come from outside the United States.  Asia currently holds the most internet users in the world at 704 million (representing 42% of global internet users), as compared to a meager 251 million (representing15% of global internet users) in the United States.   The US Penetration rates remain the highest, at 74%, as compared to only 18.5% in Asia, and 50% in Europe.  With the advent of mobile phone technology, mobile data networks, and the explosion in services offered over mobile phones, I wouldn't be surprised if the penetration rate gap between the United States and the rest of the world closes faster than we think. 


One thing that does surprise me is the relative cost of internet access in the United States relative to other countries.  Furthermore...it's not even fast!