Apologizing to Chris Dixon - This is How It's Done. 
Friday, April 6, 2012 at 6:21PM
Philip Cortes

Chris Dixon just wrote a brief blog post titled "Seriously, what’s up with old media not crediting bloggers? "  

I immediately started digging into the situation to see how bad the violation was and if anything had been done about it.  Turns out that the violation was indeed bad - the sentence structure and thought line was nearly identical.

The part of the story that isn't being shared is how quickly Josh Linkner (the "plagiarist" in this case) admitted his mistake publically, offered to discuss what happened with Chris Dixon, and corrected the article to rerflect the source.


That's impressive. As you can see above, Josh did all of this  within an hour. 

Hat off to Josh - he made an honest mistake it seems like, and quickly rectified the error.  

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